About Us

User of Fedora Linux since 2007. Started with version 7, on 27 now. Fedora is a very stable, robust, and usable operating system. I use it as a desktop, as well as a server to self-host this site.

I have been online since 1993. I am 59, married for 30 years, have two grown children, and two grandchildren. I’m originally from Northern Maine, have lived several other places, and currently reside in coastal Massachusetts.

I consider myself to be a mostly “hobbyist” computer user. I build my own machines from parts to avoid paying a “Windows Tax” for an operating system I do not really want. I run well over 150 ports of Linux. I also run BSD, Solaris, and Windows, mostly as Virtual machines by way of VirtualBox. I was a beta tester for DSL, as well as Google Glass. Yes, I’m wearing them in my “selfie” above.

My online interests include but are not limited to Texas Holdem, several newspapers, and music of many forms from many forums. For sports, I favor baseball and golf, also football and hockey more toward the playoffs. I enjoy fishing, both fresh and saltwater.