Welcome to FedoraGeeks!

I have been using Fedora as a primary desktop environment since Fedora 7. I am very impressed with Fedora 23 and as always look forward to the next release. I consider myself to be a hobbyist computer user. I do testing and file bug reports. I believe in SELinux and have no unsolvable problems using it.

This site runs on a self built Intel machine. It runs on Debian.

HP Laptop also runs Fedora 23.

In addition to Fedora, I also run many other linux ports as virtual machines. Most are spins of UbuntuDebian, SuSE, or Fedora. I run Solaris and BSD, as well as a few Win ports, also as virtual machines.

I hope you something useful while you are here.

Google Glass

glass selfie

No hands selfie.

Got the developer invite back in Feb. 2014 and received a pair of google glasses soon thereafter. They pair via bluetooth with your smartphone for gps and internet.

Send to Glass extension for Chrome is very handy. There is one for phone to Glass also for Android.

I really like GolfSight by SkyDroid. Battery makes it thru a round fine.

Also Pandora® Internet Radio. Battery lasts about 2 hrs. of music.

Star Chart is awesome!

Directions works very well.